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emergency. >> you pay $150 they'll reimburse you 100s fdz you send in the document autos linda applied for the refund and submitted forms, united sent her this letter saying your request for a refund has been approved. so she waited for her $100 but that didn't quite happen. >> three days later i got a credit of $5. >> $5? there must be a mistake. she contacted united ask asked where was the rest of the money? >> they would say sorry. only recourse is e mail them. so i would e mail, again. >> united told her it could not find her records. she should send another e mail. >> i explained but i've just sent four e mails. i'm not getting a response. it became like i'm going get this no matter what. >> she was told all records changed when united merged with continental airline autos my ticket number, my claim number. nothing was valid anymore. there is no way to look it up. so that is when i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted united airline asks within days linda received her refound. not $5 or $100 but the entire $150. and united said we review on a case by case basis. after reviewing
in san francisco. and there is inland east bay, warmest weather with low to mid-80s from concord to fairfield and livermore. in the south way, 74 and a cool 57 on the coast at half moon bay. there is coastal fog developing and will be very warm tomorrow and friday. and then there is a cooler pattern beginning on sunday, much cooler, overnight, a pleasantly cool in the north bay valleys lows dropping into the upper 40s to low 50s. most of the bay area will see lows into low 50s. it might push beyond the coast. so there is a ridge, a warm ridth trying to come together. two parts not qilt together yet but will merge and will have a nice ridge of high pressure coming together to bring us a lot of warmth over the next couple days. starting at 5:00 in the morning fog burn back and away from the coast tomorrow. giving us sunny skies. and there is a wide range of temperatures, highs into 60s on the coast. 70s to 80s around the bay. 90s inland. let's get specific here and travel down to the south bay. sunny skies and warm. highs into low to mid-80s, 83 in san jose. there is 77 san mateo.
at the highs today. a lot of 80s. although in the north bay, we had 90, cloverdale, clear lake, and santa rosa yesterday. the numbers came down, so 87, clear lake. 65, san francisco. antioch, 87. livermore, 81. 74 was the high in san jose. temperatures trending down right now. santa rosa, 79. 62 in san francisco, and mountain view right now, 72. 72 in livermore, and 82 in antioch. here's a look at our highlights to get you through tonight, at least the first part of the work week. cool overnight, temperatures inland in the mid-to-upper 40s. we'll keep a little patchy coastal cloud, mild for your monday afternoon, ask then warm things up a little bit each day as we progress through the week. 43 the low tonight in santa rosa, compared to 53 for san francisco and overcast conditions, and 58 in antioch. this low helped to cool some parts of the bay area down, maybe one or two degrees this afternoon. it's going to push on towards the north. we say goodbye to that and say hello to a little high pressure going to bring us some mild to warm air throughout much of our work week. so he'll go with gradua
need it when i asked how much it costs to develop the gas guzzler? >> $80 to 90s oodz your wife showing me $100. >> well... she does this car more than i do. >> is it painful? or just one of the things you think very to fill it up? >> you have to work it out, somehow. >> so for all of us there is light at the end of the tunnel. experts say by the end of the month gas prices should drop a little bit but two things have to happen. work has to resume and then, prices will drop once summer driving season winds down. >> there sf a lot more ahead. countdown on for the new bay bridge. we can in for nail biting. >> and the late announcement of an early opening tonight. >> i'm spencer christian. a very visible marl. but the only place that is cool is the coast. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming oorks on the bun dart -- dunbarton bridge, it will reopen sometime before midnight instead of 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is new video of crews finishing up repair work around the bridge. they spend the holiday weekend installing a joint allowing the span to be more flexible. and caltrans sa
east bay there is a high temperatures into mid to upper 90s so it's been warm inland and there is dry. you know that as well. there is not very windy at the moment though winds tend to be stronger there. so that might be a problem. live view from our camera, looking down on the bay. you can see we've got sunny skies and there is a shallow marl marine layer. there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. and you can see a closer view. you can get there is fog and there are patches of it pushing through the golden gate now. there is mid-90s today, warm inland. 83 in concord. 70s in other locations inland and near the bay. there is coastal fog, warm inland throughout the weekend. we don't expect excessive heat. cooler pattern next week. overnight, fog pushing beyond the coastline and over the bay. low temperatures into mid to upper 50s so this is pretty mild. you can asee high clouds throughout the bay area and there is why there is a stream of high clouds. there is if you saw high clouds, you know what the source is of the clouds. there is our satellite image showing marine layer, fog at the coa
are not allowed. >> this is a big case that could be decided by the u.s. supreme court. in 2004, voter as proved collection of dna evidence for people arrested for felonies. and there are 10,000 suspects identified. five years after giving their permission, an woman was arrested and coerced into giving up her dna and never convicted of a crime and never charged. there is march, twine. lilly haskell involved in a scuffle with police during an antiwar demonstration, she's the district attorney throughout the case she was never charged but before released from jail, police told her she had to give up a swab sample of dna or spend more days in jail. >> you're likely to get out tomorrow if you don't refuse, if you refuse, probably will be in until tuesday i that was saturday. >> she's now suing claiming the swab was a violation of her 4th amendment protection. >> taking genetic issue is a feature. >> and the california law is unconstitutional and an attorney for the state argued it's no more invasive than fingerprinting. >> this is the same information obtained by the state when it develops profile v
human cases of west vile virus now being reported here in the bay area. ' man in his 50s being treated in a hospital where officials found 40 infected birds and a woman in central contra costa county has been infected and the illness described as mild. officials remind us it is preventible. and in santa clara county coroner tried to identify a woman who looks like this. murdered last month by a man with a sam rye -- sam you're eye sword. she went by the name of gail. she has never been arrested. you can call the santa clara county coroner if you recognize from the sketch. >> these two men escaped from jail in santa cruz county this morning. a 22-year-old and 29-year-old both are considered low-risk inmates. they walked from a facility in watsonville while on a break from a class that targets behavior of repeat he fender autos tomorrow, is the world likely says hell grow apple's newest iphone, users will have to say goodbye to some apps. and what this is all about. >> click on maps icon and you'll see evidence of something bigger. gone are the goog yep maps replaced with 3 d soft ware.
>> there is among the agencies is the u.s. chemical safety board, and it is as this investigation to two cases share a ruptured pipe and an investigation of company practices from top to bottom. the smoke rose into the sky, instead of low arks cross the city last month. there is no argument the system in place was woe fully inadequate. gaps and lags in delivering results for people who need them. and today the board vowed to upgrade this system at no expense to taxpayers. chevron promised to follow through. >> i'm not aware of why it is not implemented but we're working with the property people to try to implement a system that the people will be having. >> and this gap has been going on too long and it's time to bridge that gap. >> today's hearing offered a sattus report on the investigations of a handful of count eye, state and federal agencies. the board chair says the u.s. chemical safety board or csb investigation could lead to change as above ask beyond better monitoring. >> there is an opportunity to improve but can't forget the problem and and if that is what you want to g
statement reading in part fbi abides by district guidelines set forth by the u.s. attorney. a spokesperson referred me to a field gifd spelling out efforts aimed at any effort aimed at shutting town a shipping port or airport. one member tell meez she's not surprised to heart group has been monitored by federal agents. >> there is always government surveillance of movements. and that is what is going on. there is a constant repression of people trying to push back against the status quo, against the way things are. >> and according to the document the fbi would apparently not engage with the group, and would dispatch information to local police agencies and also, to security details at the port of oakland. and also, oakland international airport. live in downtown oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and later tonight michael finney will look into how the fbi can force a company to turn over their records on you. >> and there is a celebration going on in oakland now that is in a neighborhood south of lake merit. those living there have been battling prostitution for years. and tonight word
coast and bay inland locations. low temperatures into low 50s tonight cooler north bay valleys lows drop into mid to upper 40s in clover dale and napa. there is a two system that's bill have an influence in weather. there a weak low pressure system contributing mainly to our cool down and such as it s then, a storm well to our south. some clouds will be kicked up north and there is no rainfall to spew high clouds through the day. sunny skies and mild conditions and there is a highs into upper 60s to low 70s and on the peninsula, highs into 60s. 67 in redwood city and palo alto there is 69 in the sunset district. north bay highs into 70s and a little warmer up north in clear lake. and we'll see low 80s, east bay, highs of 64 in berkeley. 68 newark, inland warmer than that but not the kind of warmth you might expect this time of the year. upper 70s to 82 in antioch. and upper 60s to 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warm up friday. mid-70s around the bay. and there is a saturday first day of fall. there will be no major fluke twaigss. just minor changes here and the
to a damaged mechanism. >> and this month, u.s. chemical safety board says chevron knew about the detereration and failed to replace the inspection of pipe that ruptured and this evening, they're joining investigators for a community meeting. >> and there is everybody that wants answers and wants answers, now, including chevron. they want to get on their w.their lives, also. >> and again this, meeting goes until 8:00 tonight here at the civic center plaza auditorium wech understood they were expecting the general manager to make an appearance tonight and they were dispatted to learn that he would not attend and we asked chevron about that. they said he has another engagement. >> and are several schools in concord placed under lock down as police captured a parole considered armed and dangerous and sky 7 was overhead. police found the man at forest view and live oak avenue no. word on what the charge is against this wanted parole. >> there is unanswered questions after police shot and killed a man. officers say the man was coming at them with a deadly weapon. and we find abc 7 news with the lat
to believe he might take the children outside of the u.s.. after it was revealed that he had quit his job, and closed his bank accounts, got rid of his assets, and sold his home. the order ponts out he had lived in thailand and had several bank accounts there. >> and there must be a hearing on the matter. the judge asked he appear in court two weeks from today, september 21. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. more on that story we'll continue to follow it. breaking news tonight. mandatory evacuations underway now because of a fire burning in lake county. this 450 acre fire is in the blue lake ear. you can see it there. it started just after sk p.m. and there are you can see the smoke rising from the hill. >> a sacramento judge ruled governors have the right to pardon or commute sentences of whomever they want regardless of feelings of the families. the case involves arnold schwartzeneggar is charges of political cronyism. and we are live from sacramento new with the late details on this. >> and a sacramento judge today called this decision of governor swarnts to reduc
sue hall has latest now. we're going begin abc 7's vic lee. >> and and it's been a long day for investigate skbrorz they've been on that freeway all day long z who is the driver. and why did he shoot the officer? >> there are many unanswered questions. why was the officer car parked in front of the suspect's jeep? normally they pull up behind cars they stop. but the car did have one device that may help investigators answer questions. >> we do have video we're going to analyze to see what happened. >> chp is withholding names but told horters -- reporters he's based in the contra costa county field office in martinez. >> taken to john muir medical center and said to be in critical condition at this time. >> the shooting happened at about 8:20 this morning in alamo on southbound interstate 680. investigators say the exchange of gunfire occurred after the officer made a traffic stop on a jeep. a second officer in another patrol car was also on the scene. here is sheriffs spokesman jimmy lee. >> first officer did make contact with the driver. and shortly thereafter, the driver
can tell underneath they're angry, boy say. >> his father told abc 7's allen wong he and his wife saw mental health problems emerging from an early age, growing up in bend, oregon. >> sometimes we'd talk to him he'd be engaging and other times, he would be just kind of depressed and not wanting to talk or just kind of crawl inside of himself. >> craig lacey told us his son suffered a psychotic break his senior year at san francisco state. >> he was hallucinating and very paranoid. and he was in the hospital. they diagnosed him as bipolar and put him on lithium he grad waited with a 3.79 gpa, moved to this duplex in sausalito and the i team learned he got a hunting license that same year. >> i never saw him use a handgun before. but he was pretty good shot with it. with a shotgun. and a bow. >> his resume says he started a small farm homestead to sell produce online and to customers in the bay area. he wrote i also contribute significant time to the ron paul campaign and the liberty movement. with his mental health history and access to guns those who knew chris lacey can't comprehend
the plants, sacramento is our oldest plant. and this st highest cost per case of any in the u.s.. >> some employees say they saw this coming long ago. they lost their nickelen noodle line. >> i'm 59 so there is a 21-year-old son i'm sending to college. >> 1972, 41 years next year, we have pension. >> there is a real estate license holder you know? this is -- i stopped doing that when the housing market went down so. i'm just going to try to reestablish my real estate business. >> that is facebook and the bill and melinda gates foundation are teeming up to get kids into college and stay there. there is abc 7 news reporter. >> these 150 web jerlz are working to help kids navigate the pro cease this is about b.getting best and brightest developers in a room and focusing on a problem. >> in this case, hack sag positive term meaning producing great ideas quick lie end goal to get kids to stay in college and great thing that we know these kids are using social media. >> there is a foundation providing $18,000 for prizes for the best prototypes and $2.5 million in grants for more down the road.
in that house which the s.w.a.t. team stormed is behind me there. you can see that patrol car and another car that is parked there. the house is right over there, half a block away. the shooting victim found away from here down the road. now, at one point, most of the deputies have left the scene and this block was just swarming with deputies. the sheriff's office received a call around 2:00 that shots have been fired when they responded here they found the victim in his car, dead already. and they're told he could be in the foes house, then went in and found nobody there. there are three schools in the area and some kids, i'm told actually heard shots. here is captain williams. >> schools were locked down and then, about an hour and a half after, afterwards, we release that had line down. >> there are police still hear, waiting for a search warrant to go into the house and search the premise. investigators told me there is no description and they don't know if this is gang related. i think everyone agrees this is a act of violence in the middle of the day. >> thank you. specialized searching
man hit two u.s. bank branches in sunnyvale and one in san jose in the past three week autos tonight a former private investigator who admits to or chess straighting a scandal that rocked the sheriff's office is headed to prison. and there are late details in the case against christopher butler. >> butler attorney told us his client was caught up in trying to become a reality tv star and that led him to commit felonies now, he's heading to prison and determined to take others with him. as part of the plea deal a judge sentenced a former investigator to eight years in federal prison. the probation department recommended more than 12. his attorney says the sentence is a reflection of his cooperation with investigators. >> this extent of his cooperation is extraordinary. the extent of everything he said to the authorities was bourne out as accurate. >> butler continue solved in a scandal included theft and sales from the central narcotics enforcement task force as well as dirty dui scheme. set up men going through nasty divorces for drunk driving arests. the 51-year-old pled guilty to s
. there is where it's getting chilly up there is 50s at the coast and 70s to low to mid-80s inland. mild inland, cool at the coast. there is a look at south bay conditions tomorrow, sunny skies and there are highs 67 in san mateo there is 59 in half moon bay. 62 degrees downtown san francisco. 59 into the sunset. highs into 70s. 73 santa rosa. we'll see mid to upper 80s in clear lake and open on the east bay, highs 65 in berkeley. 72 union city. highs into upper 70s and walnut creek, danville, pleasanton. low 80s into the remainder of the inland east bay. there is is temperatures rising slowly by saturday, we'll see a sharp drop off. so fall is trying to assert itself there is the fans of one of the hottest teams in baseball now. >> there >>> san francisco fast becoming the mecca of electric vehicles. several took part in the first ever electric vehicle week and this is an opportunity to check out all kinds of models. and green vehicles are certainly very big in san francisco. the nissan leaf generated so much interest, the manufacturer had to open up a keelership in the city. >> nissan didn't
way in over the bay. so watch out for it in the morning. temperatures now chilly mid-50s at this hour at beaches and there is low l 0s, fog tonight dense in patches. there is going to be warm to hot for weekend f there are plans you'll want to go to short and short lives. there is upper. >>s to mid-50s. there is dense fog could slow you down. there is a warm pat warm pattern and tomorrow, we'll see gains tomorrow, we'll see a drop in temperatures. and there is a warm up, as we head into the weekend, it's giving us nice wind flow z when you get that flow, the heat will peak. dwoitsing to be cooking inland near triple digit heat by sunday that is highs for thursday, 2 in san jose. and and there is a warm day over los gatos and on the peninsula and 75 in san mateo. coastal areas held down by fog. 62 in pacifica. for those of you who do not like the heat, we'll have you covered. there is 60s at the coast. and there is 83 in santa rosa. there is newark, 76. there is 88 in concord zport monterey bay, 65 degrees in monterey. there is fog holding on into afternoon. accu-weather forecast, fore
a vision of what should happen out here over the next 50 years and that would with expensive and there is telling where that money could come from. >> the space shuttle endeavor touched down today where before the raft leg of the tour. northern california gets a view had the morning. and there afly over happening about 9:30. and one former shuttle astronaut, it is a tribute to hope. >> if we have something to look forward and to lift us up as a nation, i think that is what we should remember. excitement and promise. >> thousands will gather at the research center for a party. engineers work on the program for decades but this will be the only time it has been flown over the bay area. >> this is is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the space shuttle paying tribute to men and women who helped build it and heads to the final resting place in california. >> there is what we know about the time line for tomorrow's final flight of the shuttle. the 747 that is scheduled to liflt off in southern california at 8:15 in the morning then going to head north and pass over sacramento. that is
of crucial items. and the reason u.s. department of agriculture hasn't delivered surplus to oakland for two months. >> there is no shipment since end of july. >> the food bank would normally have a million pounds of usda food on shelves and now, they're down to about half of that. and this is a same story in food bank of contra costa and solano. it's not clear if food is being diverted or just not available due to drought in the mid west. there is reality just as demand for food remains high. >> families find themselves turning to the food bank. >> so this is need growing and the majority of which children. >> both are asking to organize a food drive and make donations. >> we can turn every dollar that is given into $4 worth of food. we can help out and lend a voice. and there is a lot that can be done. >> and it's unclear when the shipments mitt resume f the public wants more information that information can be found on our web site. >> and we'll be keeping watch on the democrat yigs straigs. the anniversary ride through streets getting trod leave justin herman plaza. we'll follow them as
was out and temperatures warmed into the 90s. let's check in with live doppler 7hd. you can see a very thin layer of fog, just right near the coast. even down towards 'santa cruz they saw a little fog earlier today. this is starting to lift a little bit. it will start to move a little further inland overnight tonight. mainly the coast, and possibly into the bay, but i think inland communities will be clear tonight. santa cruz,some starting to pull away from your coast there and you saw plenty of sunshine this afternoon. right now we have 90 degrees in antioch. 90 in fairfield. 78 in napa. 84, san rafael. 61 in san francisco. redwood city, 84. 79 in san jose, and los gatos reporting 85 degrees. so, folks, here's a look at our highlights. we're going to keep the clouds just mainly near the coast tonight. the further east you good, you're going to have clear conditions of the northeast bay and possibly even the peninsula tonight. a little warmer for your holiday labor day tomorrow, and then after that we start to cool things down by mid-week. overnight lows tonight, clear skies inland, in
with mist and drizzle and then the cooling trend begins tomorrow. 60s around the bay. more 70s, interior east bay. than 80s. we'll manage few towards live moore. the culprit is area of he pressure to the north and west. it's pushing the jet dream right over the bay area, and those onshore winds will start to increase, more low clouds and fog, the next couple of mergings, and that's going to mean cooler temperatures. winds will pick up as well. lows tonight, 40s. north bay, 50s elsewhere with the drizzle developing coast side, and then highs tomorrow, temperatures come down, santa rosa, 76. 61, san francisco, antioch tomorrow, 84. 82 for livermore. temperatures coming down. 66 oakland, 74, san jose, comfortable, 68 degrees tomorrow afternoon. san cruz, once you get the sunshine you'll heat up. hires the seven day forecast. cooler monday, tuesday, wednesday. a little warming for thursday. back into the 80s. thursday and friday. the last day of summer, as fall arrives on saturday, and by sunday, thickening clouds and cooler temperatures then. >> alan: thank you, leigh. >> ama: mike is here.
is between 1,000s skpdz $50,000 per person. as mitt romney heads to this mansion, there is a lot of talk about his 2011 tax returns. romney campaign followed a longstanding practice in politics of releasing bad news late on a friday. >> putting it out on a darkest hour of and there is a reason of that and that is and the take is back backed by the question, six months ago, 66% of americans said romney is not paying his fair share in taxes. >> 14.1% is not a lot. given i'm in a 28 to 33% bracket. >> we all pay more than that. all of us 99%ers. >> i'm paying more than that. me who make nose where near that pays more percentage wise in tax autos republicans are sitting on a 10-1 advantage over democrats and there is a lot coming from big money donors. the problem is that finance laws require that most of the big donation goes to the republican party rather than directly to the campaign. and this president is getting a lot more money from small donors that are giving to him. the obama campaign controls the cash ask have been outspending romney campaign in this all important swing states, rom
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